About Us

MICHIGROWN: Terpene-Rich Cannabis from Michigan

Michigrown has been deeply rooted into the counter culture of cannabis for the last 15 years, currently offering medical and adult use product. Alongside a group of like minded individuals, we focus on the work, the plant, the science, and the purpose. Taking the time over the last decade, members of our team have dove into the science becoming highly educated in cannabis physiological and bio chemical processes, focusing on bio-mimicry and genetic optimization. Leading us to become as confident as ever to navigate our space with the experience and passion needed to create consistent results, in our quality.
We saw what others were doing in the space: cutting corners; taking short cuts; failing to put the plant, the patients, and the people continuously first; etc. That's when we saw the opportunity to really make a change. Michigrown took a leap of faith, entered into the new market with the old mentality: "Do better." Since then we have been doing just that, continuing to push ourselves in every way possible to ensure we are creating the best offering for the end-user. A melting pot of individuals eager to change the narrative in the cannabis space! We couldn’t be more honored to serve you as the company we have evolved into now.

Come join us in enjoying the best cannabis possible. Any questions or comments don't hesitate to Contact us.

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