Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter

Cheese-y, fruity, and vanilla tones are coming in strong via one of the best hybrids out today! Just like grandma's fresh baked apple pie, this strain is sure to get you lifted into the breeze. Super sweet and delicious, Apple Fritter works great in the daytime or the nighttime. Flexible and delectable, take her on an adventure or chill and get your relaxation on.

With high levels of CBG, there's no wrong move with Apple Fritter, bred by famous Lumpy's Seeds, Animal Cookies x Sour Apple brings the best of both world's in this foray of fantastic flavor domination. Sour Apple is a cross of Cindy 99 and Sour Diesel, so you know when the Cookies line meets that lineage, it's going to be an explosion of taste meets effects. Be sure to grab a slice from the windowsill while it's still hot!

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