Bacio Gelato

Bacio Gelato

Bacio means "KISS" in Italian so you already know you're in for something sweet with this phenotype of the already world-famous powerhouse that is Gelato. The Sherbinski's have bred their versions of Gelatos and this one brings everything you want to the table. From effects, to the terpene profile, you're going to be extremely satisfied with this crossbreed of Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC.

We want everyone to discover how incredible this strain is because whether you're looking for a relaxing time or trying to boost your mood, there is NEVER a bad time for Bacio Gelato. This one is not for the lighthearted, reputed to be one of the most potent Gelato varieties one can experience. Highly reviewed across the world.

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Donald Goode

This strain is all what the description says it is full of crystals n it’s terpenoid profile is the type The smell gets you high it takes away the pain and whatever else you will come up with Michigan grown has mastered the strain


Test date 12/2021
Harvest date 02/2022????
How was this product tested before it was even harvested?

Smell 5/10
Taste 4/10
High 4/10

Mediocre product. Was really expecting much better. This group has been touted as some of the better growers in Michigan but as a commercial grower myself, this product is lackluster. Weak smell, weak taste, weak effects. Fake lab results? Only 1.5% terpenes. Not worth the $50+ tax 8th price. Won’t buy again.

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