This strain is what you get when you take the LEGENDARY genetics of Gelato #41 and cross them with Mai Tai #4, a lineage that includes stunners such as GrandDaddy Purps, Sunset Sherbet, Purple Punch, and Larry OG. With a stellar line-up like this, you know it's a winner!

With the scent starting off reminiscent of pineapples, bananas, and apples at first, eventually melting into a delicious vanilla ice cream cake! Diesel fuel tones make this strain pure gas. It's parent Gelato #41 (aka Larry Bird) is a 70% sativa-leaning hybrid, but when you blend in a GSC back-cross (BX) that involves OG Kush like the Pink Panties in the Mai Tai #4, you're bound to be impressed with this Indica-leaning Hybrid that's definitely a creeper (takes a minute to kick in fully).

Initially effects lean toward creative and uplifting but evolve into a full couch-lock situation that reportedly helps with issues relating to pain, anxiety, and appetite.
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David Brault

I’ve said it about your skittlez and your Mac one you guys did it again your Cherimoya is on point Terps are crazy you guys are the number one cultivator in Michigan by far You guys are the bud I buy

Adam Arsulowicz

Real quick. I just want to thank the people at Michigrown. A real smoker can tell when a company puts actual care and respect into their product. So many flavors so little time. And when you can get three separate eighths for usually right around $100 you will not beat that price for this particular quality Michigrown should make every Michigander proud.

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