Cookies N Cream


With hints of chocolate and vanilla cream, this cross of Cookies & Cream x Secret Weapon has got to be one of the most trichome-laden flowers we've ever seen in our entire lives! The nearly jet black leaves make the gigantic trichome heads stick out like a sore thumb! It's like the flowers were dipped in frosted sugar, there's just so many beautiful 'crytals' everywhere, you almost don't know where to look first! The flavor is creamy, sweet, and of course has that signature cookie taste.

This is not your usual purple strain, with coffee, spice, and woody tones paired with an amazing hybrid feeling, our Cookies N Cream has got everything going for it! Taste, Effects, and Bag Appeal, all like you've never seen! You will not regret giving Cookies N Cream a chance, it's almost a work of art how insanely snow-covered these nugs are, you'll ALMOST not want to smoke it just to keep staring at it's wonderful frosted buds. Black and white is a classic combination, especially when it comes to this strain!

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Your not lying about those crystals haha. I opened the jar and said to my husband omg its so pretty. Looked even better in the sun. Tasted amazing and had nice smooth smoke as well. I am entirely happy with Oreoz. Its exactly what we were looking for too. That up beat energetic feeling.


A lot of weed has been making me anxious lately but this does the opposite for me. Calms me down and makes me relaxed. I’m curious what the terpene profile is though.

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