GMOG is a strain with some impressive lineage. Our special pheno of Fatso, dubbed the GMOG cut from its OG-style aroma with the classic GMO terps on the backend! It's a cross of the famous Michigan 'GMO' and 'Legend OG' -- This flower features a strong aroma of gas, garlic, and is coated with trichs. GMOG offers consumers both a soaring cerebral high and deep body relaxing effects. This is one truly not to be missed.

The GMO stands for "Garlic, Mushroom, & Onions" and it absolutely has that umami, savory tone that's quite unique when it comes to marijuana. Typically you're dealing with something with a fruity, citrus, or musky/hashy odor but this is from another world the way it comes with a vegetal, spicy, and sharp aroma; it's nothing like other strains. It has meaty, fungal, allium nature and it's amazing for those seeking a more indica, couch-lock effect. Fantastic effects with a novel nose.

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Thomas Hamer

I love your products including this strain. However, it has been demonstrated over and over, that GMO does not stand for garlic, mushroom and onion. The breeder ( who’s name I forget) stated that because of current news at the time about the Girl Scouts of America and their products possibly including GMO, that that was the influence for the naming. And because the cultivar includes Girl Scout cookies lineage. It’s probably pretty easy to find verification of this somewhere.

Thanks for the high-quality products!

Last edited 1 year ago by Thomas Hamer

I’ve been smoking the better part of my life and there’s nothing like beautiful taste of a red and purple hired angel

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