Pheno Flight Project 2022

What is a Pheno Hunt?

A phenotype hunt is the process of selecting the best of many different varieties of the same strain by judging it's characteristics.


How does it work?

The Michigrown Pheno Flight Project is the research and development program to identify new, high-quality cultivars by selecting the best genetics from renowned breeders around the world. All phenotypes are not created equal even though they come from the same parents.

A true keeper phenotype will have a wide variety of terpenes and flavonoids that present the finest flavor, aroma, and will provide a remarkable smoking experience. Michigrown values our customer’s input and would like you to participate in a survey to help us with the cultivar/phenotype selection process for our next lineup of new varieties.

Strains: Banana Tree, Candied Peaches, Candy Rain x Jealousy, Gelato 41 BX x Jealousy, Ice Cream Cake x Jealousy, Lap Dance, Rainbow Belts, Raymond Berry, Runtz x Sherbanger, Triangle Kush x Zkittlez, UK Cheese x Zkittlez, Zowahh and MORE!


Locations: Aim High (Coldwater), Cloud (Utica), Cookies (Ann Arbor), Doja (Portage), Gage (Ferndale), High Profile (Webberville), House of Dank (Centerline), Information Entropy (Ann Arbor), Joyology (Quincy), King of Budz (Detroit), Lake Effect (Portage), Olswell (Adrian, Grand Rapids), Pharmhouse Wellness (Grand Rapids), Puff (Utica), Pure Options (Lansing), Quality Roots (Hamtramck, Monroe), Quest (Whitmore Lake, Ann Arbor, Whitelake), Rair (Kalamazoo), The Reef (Muskegon, Detroit), Refinery (Kalamazoo), and more!


Check out some of the strains in the Pheno Flight Project 2022 below!

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