Wedding Cake

Originally titled "Triangle Mints #23" this powerful strain is famous for being great to relax, euphoric and creamy, great for nearly all occasions. When you first inhale, it's like that first bite of cake on your birthday, tasting that vanilla fluffy goodness wrapped in decadent vanilla frosting with ice cream not far behind! That joy is something usually only reserved for special days, but with Wedding Cake, you can get that nostalgic euphoria any time you want!

It's parents are Animal Mints x Triangle Kush, being indica-dominant, you'll definitely get to sleep on time with this strain, however there is a wonderful uplifting aspect that comes from it's sativa side. This hybrid is undoubtedly one of the best on the market today. Brought together in cannabis matrimony, run straight to the alter with this one and put a ring on it!

Wedding Cake
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