We’re out here!

We are Michigan owned and operated, producing the highest quality, locally-sourced cannabis. When you shop with us, you’re buying the freshest product available.
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Michigan born and grown

Michigrown is a medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation facility located right in the heart of Muskegon.

We believe true quality grown cannabis is what makes us stick out from the bunch, our passion for this plant runs deep with over a decade into plant biology and learning the chemistry of each specific strain to bring out the full genetic potential consistently time and time again.

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Sustainability is our main focus

Until now, cannabis hasn’t been treated as a sustainable industry. Even as the industry becomes more commercialized and accepted, growers have relied on harmful growing and distribution methods and chemical-based fertilizers to increase crop yields and maximize sales.

At Michigrown, we’re dedicated to following a different path. We’re committed to producing the highest quality cannabinoids while employing sustainability practices that will help safeguard our planet and reduce our environmental impact.

Until recently, commercial producers of cannabis on the whole have used petrochemical fertilizers and fertilizers that can contaminate the soil, the water sources, and harm other vegetation. Post harvest cannabis plants also created a lot of waste that was difficult to dispose of.

purple onyx weed jar in pile of weed nuggets

Over 100 Strands of Premium Quality Cannabis