When you've got a strain that's winning both California and Michigan cannabis cups, you know that you've found a winner! With an aroma that's like getting invaded by a rabid pack of tropical skittles while they raze your mind at the fruit-flavored pire! It's as if it's indica father Grape Ape (a Grand Daddy Purple pheno) and it's sativa mother Grapefruit was the magical combination because when you get one whiff, you'll finally be able to shout that: "It smells just like the name!!" which can be a rare trait in craft cannabis.

Pheno's range from uplifting to couch-locking and everywhere in between, but they usually take on an indica-style vibe. You can expect to get completely zoned out just by how incredible the strain tastes and smells! It's as if the famous candy-maker decided it wanted to produce a weed strain, because it's nearly exactly identical. Your mouth will water when hints of orange, mango, grapefruit, blueberry, and banana all come rushing into your senses! Let the immense LIMITED EDITION fruit flavor take you away and don't hesitate because this strain is sure to sell out fast.

Genetics created originally by Dying Breed Seeds collective in Nothern California by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz
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Great taste! could have used a better cure.

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